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About Reading & Writing
The funny thing about reading for me was that I didn’t know just how much I loved it until I was a grown up. I now remember though, being at camp one summer reading one book a day — I’d read on the bus, I’d read during lunch and I’d read after swimming lessons were over, I’d read anytime when we had free time. By the time the summer was over, I had read every book off my bookshelf! It just seemed natural.

The first time I wrote a story that I can remember was in fourth grade. My teacher, Mrs. Crabtree (isn’t that a great name for a character?!), marked up my story with red correction marks. I was horrified! But it was then that I learned all about “Re-writing to Get It Right,” my favorite school presentation speech. By the time I had rewritten that story (6 times!) it was better than ever. When I got into middle school, my teacher, Mrs. Scrippol (another great name, eh?), had me write three descriptive phrases about the seasons, three for each season. I was so proud of my work that I wrote them in calligraphy for my mom. She loved them so much she actually cried! It was then I knew I loved what writing can do. She still has my descriptive phrases in her secret candy drawer! (Ssshh, don’t tell!)

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Unless otherwise noted, all illustrations are courtesy of Bruce Whatley