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The Birth of Lemonade for Sale
Illustrated by Jimmy Holder
book coverLemonade for Sale was an assignment that needed to be told within certain boundaries. I was given a vocabulary list to build a story from. I was given the theme of a Lemonade sale gone awry, but it was up to me to come up with the way the story would be told. This story came to me when I looked out my own window. I started noticing people and activities all around me and decided to use “What I know,” to get my story going. My children were having their own lemonade sale, and my neighbor was cutting the lawn. I saw joggers outside stopping for a drink and immediately, my sisters-in-law, who love running, came to my mind. I used names of family members and friends in my story and objects as well. The trunk for sale was actually a Hope Chest my Nanny gave to me — because it was special to me, I put it in the story. Using things and people you know can make even a fictitious story seem real!


Unless otherwise noted, all illustrations are courtesy of Bruce Whatley