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Typical Day
First I wake up. Then I wake up my children, they don’t like that too much! Then we all get ready for our day…eat breakfast, brush and wash, get dressed and off to school they go, and off to the gym I go.

After a good dose of exercise and a big bottle of water, I’m ready to work.

So of course, I check my email, and call my mom and dad in Florida and my mother-in-law, Jan, in Connecticut. Then I re-read my stories that I’m working on.

I like to print out each page and spread them across the floor in order. I go over them line by line, sometimes from the last page to the first, trying to catch any mistakes. I circle and fix the mistakes and read the whole story out loud.

Then I re-print it, and do it again.

I will work at my computer until or through lunchtime, then go for a walk outside or on the treadmill in my home office. This clears my head a bit. Then, it’s back to the computer again or I may do my homework (yes! I have homework too!), or I may stop at the library and just read other picture or chapter books.

On some days, I might work until 4 or 5:00. On other days, I’ll quit early and pick up my kids so we can do something fun together.

Other days, I have meetings to go to or school visits to go to. I like to go into my sons’ schools and read my stories or just help the teachers with literacy groups. Today I am the “Mystery Guest” for Nixon School’s first grade classes in Sudbury. I give hints about what I do for my job, and the kids try to guess my occupation. Then I read my stories to them.

At night, I like to print out a final copy of what I’m working on and read it to my kids or my husband. Sometimes they like to be an audience; sometimes they’d rather play Legos! Yup all of them!

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Unless otherwise noted, all illustrations are courtesy of Bruce Whatley