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I grew up in a beautiful suburb called West Hartford, Connecticut. I lived there with my family; my mom, Elaine, my dad, Harvey, and my older brothers, Bruce and Adam, and my younger sister, Lisa. We had a dog, Sasha, whom everyone loved. She was a black Labrador retriever. My parents were both teachers and later, as an adult, that is what I first decided to be. Then, I discovered how much I loved writing for children.

  This is me horseback riding in Arizona.

When I was growing up I loved swimming, gymnastics and baseball. I started swimming on swim teams at age five and swam all through high school. I joined the gymnastics team when I was five and as a teenager, became a gymnastics teacher. I also joined Little League and was the only girl on my team! Back then, not many girls played baseball — I even tried out for my brother Adam’s team, but didn’t make it. Oh well, I did end up playing on my own team and had so much fun.


Now as a grown up, I still love to swim, I still love to play and watch baseball (GO, SOX!) and now, I love to horseback ride. I do it as much as I can! I also love to hike, bike and go camping. I do not like bugs, though.

I taught 4th grade in Wayland, MA in 2007/2008 at Claypit Hill Elementary School.

My favorite foods are: fruit, salads, pizza and ice cream-not together, though. 

My favorite vacations have been going to France and Arizona with my husband and my family’s yearly trip to Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard. We just love the beach.


I have two amazing sons, Will and Luke, who are the inspiration for many of my story ideas. Will is now 17 and loves anything about photography, graphic design and sports, especially baseball. Luke is now 12 and loves anything about skateboarding, snowboarding and music. He also loves books, “More books, please!” he yells from his bed each night!  I have a wonderful husband, Mike, also a big baseball fan, (GO Sox!) who always says, “Don’t give up, your stories are great!” He’s the best!

I have four nieces: Olivia, Anna, Jackie and Addie, and many nephews: Andrew, Jared, Daniel, Zachary, Spencer, Jonah and Nate (twins!) and Brian. Brian is an amazing writer, so you’ll probably hear about his writing when he’s an adult. Not too long now, keep at it, Bri-man!

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Unless otherwise noted, all illustrations are courtesy of Bruce Whatley